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UGG Rylan Knit are chic and cute slipper which have endless comfort and looks to offer. These slippers can be used indoor as well as outdoor. They have magnificent comfort packed inside them to keep your feet relaxed and cozy this winter. They can be used with the casual outfit to turn lots of head around. The upper is made from the cable knit which is warm and it has distinguished and outstanding vulcanized construction. This upper is durable and it maintains warm interior. The lining is made from the rich quality original sheepskin from Australia. This lining keeps the feet odorless and fresh by keeping them free from moisture. The lining also helps in ensuring the feet stay dry and cool. The footbed is fully cushioned and provides soft and comfortable touch to the bare skin and allows you to stay on your feet for long time. The outsole is made from the rubber which is flexible and durable. This outsole provides slip free ride by delivering traction. It weighs 11 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: Lapis, Heathered Grey and Black.


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My husband has a high instep (high arch) and the slipper was quite uncomfortable across the top of his foot. The band was pressing too hard there even though he really wanted to make it work. They did not fit him which is unfortunate, because there is nothing as comfortable as felt clogs...when they fit.
This is my second pair of halflinger grizzly clogs in 10 years. I wore the first pair until there were holes in the wool, but the soles and cork never gave out or fell apart. Because they are made from natural fibers, they are warm in the winter and breathe nicely in the summer. I bought a pair of Stedman wool clogs (also from Germany) several years ago because they looked the same. I found a deal and didn't know any better. The quality of that brand is not nearly as good as these. the sole came apart from the cork after only a year and the footbed became compressed and less supportive. I had them repaired only to have the sole come apart from the cork not too long afterwards. While they are not cheap, the clog is worth every penny, will last a long time, and is very comfortable. Try them on before you buy them. I wear a size 9 US but in these i wear a size 39 European which they call a size 8 US.
I love these clogs. The only reason I buy new ones every year is because for some reason I always get a hole is the right shoe by the big toe. I must walk some strange way! Anyway still the best most comfortable clog around. I have converted a lot of people- even teenage boys!
I live where we have lots of summer weather, but short winters and I wanted warm slippers for our brief winters but hate it when my feet sweat. Just as the other reviews said, they are warm, but not too hot even if the weather warms up. A bit prcicy, but comfortable and even look good with slacks and jeans. Can be worn in and out of the house.
I bought a pair of these from Shoe buy a little over three years ago and I've completely worn them out. But they are absolutely great shoes, especially if you have foot issues. I have really high arches and these are perfect for this. Once they mold to your feet, you just don't want to take them off.
I had been using a pair of these, size 10.5 (they say 45 on the soles) US Male and they were getting worn. I use them with an orthotic. I ordered two pairs of what I thought were the same shoe,(also with size 45 on the soles) but they were extremely tight both in width and in the area mid-shoe.
I have been wearing this brand for 15 years. The cork footbed is the best for incredible, yet light-weight support. The only problem with this shoe is that my big toe eventually tears a whole in the wool felt. Still, I usually get 2-3 years out of one pair and considering I wear them everyday, that seems like a good deal.


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