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Keep your feet cozy and warm this winter with the UGG Cozy II. These luxuriously comfortable slippers are designed to ensure you get maximum comfort with easy step. The interior is so comfortable and soft that you will want to wear them for going to sleep as well. They have been made from the premium quality material with the magnificent built quality. The upper is made from the suede which is soft and durable. The upper has the cuff made from the sheepskin which adds comfort and style at the same time and it also has the seam detail which is distinctive. The slip on construction enables quick on and off wearing. The sock liner is made from the original sheepskin from Australia. This lining wicks the moisture away naturally and keeps the foot odorless and fresh all day long. The lining also helps in keeping the foot comfortable and warm in the cold weather. The outsole is made from the rubber which provides flexibility, durability and traction on various types of surfaces. They can be used indoor as well as outdoor. The upper has the UGG® Australia logo on the top which adds more appeal and shows off your excellent brand choice. You can find this style in these colors: Espresso, Chestnut and Black.


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This is the 3rd pair of these great shoes that I have bought. The 1st pair fit perfectly. Sad to say that the last 2 pairs while having the same bottom fit had neck openings that were too large leaving a floppy loose fit while walking. Very disappointing as overall I love the feel & functionality of these casual wear clogs.
I like the comfort of the classic grizzly. This is my second pair. The first pair gave out after a couple of years. The back of the shoe separated from the sole. I wish the back of the shoe was a bit higher so that my feet would feel more snug in the shoe. I like the color and design and the freedom my feet feel in the toe area. Your brand was recommended by a foot specialist that prescribed orthotics and your brand of shoe for around the house. My feet feel a lot better now. Thank you for the support your shoes provide.
I love these clogs. This is my second pair, and my daughter also has a pair. In the winter they are warm and soothing to the feet, especially if you have arthritis or circulation problems. They have great support! In the summer they work well inside and out!
I recently ordered these shoes because I wore my first pair out (my niece had bought the original pair for me while living in Germany many years ago). Obviously they were/are a favorite, they are so comfortable! I love my new pair and hope they last as long or longer! I think they actually have a better sole and better tread on the bottom than my first pair.
This is my second pair of Haflinger shoes, and I love them! The last pair was exactly the same style that I wore so often I wore them out (which took me 10 years, they do last quite a long time). They are cozy, have great support and are so comfortable, they are a must have.
I love these shoes. They were delivered very promptly and came here in good condition. Am absolutely happy! I had plantar problems before, which completely disappeared after wearing the clogs. Since I work from home and wear the clogs almost all the time, I can only contribute this disappearance of my problem to going from flat slippers to these clogs.
I wear them all day, every day, all year round. I wear a 39 in the summer, 40 in the winter. They will feel a little snug but do give with wear. I have to wear socks with a 40, or they would eventually be too big to wear. These are the only shoes I can wear. I have bunions on both feet and I can wear them all day with no pain. They allow me to live my life in comfort.
This is my second pair of these shoes, the first ones I bought probably 15 years ago and I'm still wearing them. I don't recommend wearing them with socks because there doesn't seem to be enough room for them. They are very comfortable and keep your feet very warm. These shoes are very durable, also.


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