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Following statement shall only apply to this and this site only. Under no circumstances it can be associated with websites operated by our parent company. Shall any question arise about any line or paragraph in this statement, then you are welcome to send us an email. You can use the address which is mentioned on our contact page, the page is linked at the far bottom of this page.

We do not have any forms on our website with which you can submit any kind of information, so as a result we don't collect any data from you. But please be assured that your name, email or any other personal info you send us by email will be kept safe by our hosting provider and we will never share this material with anyone except asked by court of law.

We will only share your information on your disclosure. For example if you send us your review about a certain product and you are willing to display it on our website, then only in that case we will display your nickname whatever you provide and the review which you have submitted including the rating you gave to the product. We will never show your email in the review.

This website is safe to view as it does not display any explicit material, we only link to stores that carry the product which we have described on our site.



Disclaimer: This website is in no way in affiliation with Haflinger footwear company or with another old footwear brand company as a matte of fact. We have only displayed brand names or logos for reference purpose only. It is because we have reviewed some of their products, but if the owner of the brand objects such use, we can remove them from our site. Please send us an email to notify us if such is the case.


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