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Cana from Napa, CA

When I couldn't put on regular shoes, due to surgery, my Haflingers were life savers for wear both in the house and when I had to go out. I had another pair I'd purchased 30 years earlier, and I knew they were comfortable, AND gave me good arch support. The changes are that the new ones have different soles, and the boiled wool seem a little fuller.

JD from Saint Louis, MO

I love Haflinger mules. I have been wearing them for a long time. A friend came to visit, put them on, and ordered herself a pair from Online Shoes before she left my home. I am a physical therapist. Consequently, I am on my feet all day. Furthermore, I recommend good foot support to my patients every day. This is one brand of shoe that provide that support.

Melissa from Cincinnati, OH

have owned these clogs before and I loved them so much I wore them out completely. I have to say that I am actually disappointed in this pair. Not sure if the pair I got was just from a weird batch but, the right shoe fits so tight it is actually starting to cause pain when I wear them. I assumed that after I wore them a little they would stretch and I wouldn't notice as much. No such luck. After almost a month, they still hurt but I don't know what to do at this point. Is there any possibility for an exchange after I have worn them for a month?

DM from SLC, UT

Truth be told: My wife had a short list for Christmas and these slippers were on it. Unfortunately the catalogue she pointed me to was out of the product. A simple online search led me to your company and, voila! Four days later the slippers arrived in time for our holiday.

Swedebabe from Red Wing, MN.

I got a pr of these wonderful Slippers, as I have Planters Fanitis in my feet. These slippers have been the most comfortable slippers I ever owned. They are the true sizes. I wear them as soon as I get home from work, & twice, I forgot to take them off & put my shoes on to go to store. They were on my feet with my Jeans, & couple people said they loved my shoes. So they can be worn with jeans too. I am on my second pr. I would recommend these to anyone. You just gotta love my "HAFLINGER" Slippers!!!

Liz from Katy, TX

I am happy with these slippers - They look good and are very comfortable. I feel they are the best slippers by far on the market today. I would have given them the best rating, but I feel these are rather stiff, and I do not remember my first pair feeling this way. Hopefully, with time they will soften.

E. Stowe from Chicago, Illinois

I have literally worn out the 2 pairs of these clogs I bought years ago. When I reordered, however, I have found that the new wool clogs feel smaller than the size. They probably will stretch out somewhat over time but I don't want to wait, and so will reorder a larger size and hope for the best.


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