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Anonymous from Scanlon, Mn

My 2nd pair of this shoe. I have lower back problems and I purchased these shoes to use as slippers. I did have the help of a very knowledgeable clerk. Comfort, style, support, to name a few reasons why I own these slippers which I wear year around. After 4/yrs my 1st pair developed a whole where the little toe is. Only on one shoe though. :-)

Bunny from New York City, Atlanta

At first, the price seemed high, but I needed a quality casual shoe, comfort and arch support for a good fit. Hapflinger does it with wool, cork, rubber- and they don't fall off. I can wear the Grizzly Classic through three seasons with or without socks, even driving a car. I think they look cool. For my second pair, I chose a lighter color, so as not to show lint. The wider width allows your toes to spread naturally (read grip) and the cork innersole has memory (conforms to your foot). The combination with wool (it breathes) is a winner.

Vanclaners from Wisconsin

This is the most comfortable moc I have ever worn! They are also quite warm. Just take into consideration what sort of sock you're likely to wear. I should have probably purchased them in a half-size larger, but for the most part, I wear a thin sock and these work just fine for me. I wear these shoes about 90% of the time. Just slip them on and go!

Jojo from Johnstown NY

My first pair of Navy color haflingers, went everywhere all year long, even in the Texas heat. Used for everything, slippers, climbing ladders, work , going out, with jeans, shorts & jammies. They lasted me about 10 yrs. the 2nd pair 1/2 size larger better to wear with sock, I found at Cabela's. They lasted another 10 or so years of steady wearing for all the same activities, before they started to break down. So sad for the loss , but then I found them on the internet. Unfortunately, I will have to mail them back, as the glue on the right foot inside, has already came loose. Not even 1 weeks wear. I'm sure its a fluke, But will stand by my shoes!!!!

Kim Clogs from Columbia, SC

These are great, casual, comfortable wool clogs. I have wanted these clogs for years, but had not been able to find them. They are just like a pair I had many years ago and they were my "go to" shoes for comfort (hanging around the house, going to the grocery store, etc). They could be slippers to some, but these are great shoes to me. I am so happy I found these and know I will wear them for years.

Anonymous from Ohio

I like the Haflinger but it could have been just a fourth of an inch smaller. But they are comfy. I love the high arches, it is the reason I bought them. I would like more shoes with high arches. Might even like this shoe in a dark grey. I also really like the mephisto sandals a lot! Mephisto sandals are the best and most comfortable sandals I have ever, ever worn.

Jimmy from Marengo, IL

I have always valued excellent footwear without compromise as I was with UPS for over 32 years. I was not disappointed in the Haflinger quality. The construction is very good and the shape of the footbed is well thought out. I wear them mostly without socks because with socks their a little tight. My only suggestion to the manufacturer is a little cushion would be a plus. I wouldn't use them for shopping or long walks.


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