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Feel joyful and young with the Haflinger Doggy Slipper. These slippers have lightweight and long lasting construction from the high quality materials. These slippers have been designed to keep you feet completely comfortable and warm at all time. The can be used indoor as well as for a quick run to the store. The upper is made from the boiled wool which is lightweight and very comfortable. The upper has the ability to trap the warmth inside the slippers to maintain toasty and cozy interior environment. The upper has the cute and stylish dog design on the vamp which enhances the looks of these slippers. The pattern will also bring smile to your face and make these slippers your best pals. The footbed is wrapped with the wool and it is fully cushioned. The footbed massages your feet as you walk to give you stunning comfort and support. To enhance the support, the arch support of these shoes have been made from the latex. The outsole is made from the double felt which is flexible and durable. The outsole enables grip on multiple surfaces for skid free and comfortable ride. It weighs just 6 ounces as per size 8. You can find this style in these colors: Earth.



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I was suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, so I went to see my podiatrist. He suggested wearing shoes that had enough support for my high arches, as well as giving up running around the house in just my socks. These Haflinger "Classis Grizzlies" are the perfect answer! A warm indoor shoe that keep my arches from falling. In fact, the doctor gave me a list of specific shoes and I was familiar with them  from owning a pair in years past. I love them for my "house" shoe, and with the solid sole I can wear them outside if need be.
GREATEST arch support ever! Fixed my plantar fascitis in weeks (which I got from wearing crocks for a year)! They easily go inside and out, look good with every thing and my first pair lasted me two years - plus I still wear them to walk the dog. I would have these in every color. VERY well made.
These slippers are warm and offer nice support. Different than the "cushy" comfort of my favorite ugg slippers but just as nice in their own way. Nice that you can dash out of the house in them. Not the best-looking footwear in the world unless you're going for the granola-head vibe but they are a great slipper.
I bought these to have something to wear around the house. After reading the other comments I thought these would be the perfect shoe for this purpose. I found them to be too wide for my feet. The shoe does have a pronounced arch as well. I generally do not have a problem with shoe fit so I was surprised I had to exchange these for a pair of Merrills.
Very comfortable and great to wear all day....didn't even kick my shoes off when I came home from work. I had injured my foot and found many shoes to be uncomfortable. These are wonderful. I didn't even remember that my foot is injured all day long. So great, my sister had to have a pair. Will order another pair.
This is my 3rd pair of Grizzly Haflingers; I've been wearing them for over 12 years and I still love these shoes! Comfortable right out of the box. I'm always hesitant to buy another pair because of the cost but once I get them I remember why I love them so much! They are warm, conform to my feet perfectly and last for a long time given proper care. Will probably buy another pair when these wear out! I wear these shoes with just about everything.
I have always wanted to try the clog, but the price always scared me away. I have tried other clogs and probably have spent more money trying different ones than if I would have just bought these. They are great!!! (And the fact there is free shipping is an added bonus.) Soooo comfortable from day one! The fit is perfect. I could wear them all day. I can't say that about any shoe. I need the arch support or my knees and back are killing me at the end of the day. Not with these shoes. I highly recommend to anyone and these will be my favorite shoes. Now I need something this comfortable for the summer!


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