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Haflinger AT Classic Hardsole are very soft and comfortable slippers which can be used indoor as well as outdoor. These sandals have ultimately soft construction which makes them mold as per the shape of your feet and give you personalized fit. The interior has been designed to keep your feet in superb comfort and warmth during the freezing weather. The upper is made from the wool which traps the warmth inside the slippers to keep the interior warm and cozy. The slip on style of these slippers enables you quick and fast on and off wearing. The interior has been made from the latex and it is wrapped with the double felt. The interior wick the moisture away and also keep the feet in comfort heaven. The footbed is designed to deliver you excellent cushioning with each step. The outsole is made from the rubber which is very lightweight and flexible. The outsole enables grip for slip free and comfortable ride. It weighs 11 ounces as per size 11. You can find this style in these colors: Navy Speckle, Grey Speckle, Chocolate and Black.


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I first bought a pair of these for my son to wear around his drafty farmhouse. He loves 'em. I then bought a pair for myself to wear as an indoor shoe/slipper at the B&B where I work. I don't think I'd wear this product outside unless the conditions were dry, given the nature of the upper "felted" material.
These shoes were "prescribed" by a podorthist after badly breaking my foot 12 years ago. At home I live in them! They support your foot perfectly, the sole conforms to your sole, and my first pair lasted 10 years of daily wear. I wear them around the house, in the yard and sometimes to the store. There is nothing more comfortable out there!
I currently wear these all the time... of course it is the middle of winter. They are warm and comfy. Because of the boiled wool, I don't even have to wear socks all the time. I particularly like the arch support and that your feet are surrounded by warm wool. Soles are durable and provide good traction on snow and ice.
while i would not ordinarily but shoes that are comfort driven, i REALLY like these. many people in my family have used them for years, they are warm but breathable, very well made, and are offered in a variety of styles/colors, my only complains is that they're not more stylish!
I actually bought these shoes for my boyfriend as a gift. He had a similar pair for 7+ years, which he wore often and were his favorite shoes. After his other ones finally gave out, I bought these to replace them. I ended up returning these to get a different color, but they arrived exactly as pictured on the website [...] He wears his new ones [and wore the old ones] outside, inside, on the job, etc., and remain his favorite shoes.I would highly recommend these shoes to anyone wanting to venture away from the ordinary.
I wear my Halflinger Clogs nearly every day in Fall/Winter. They are so sweet with a taste of Scandanavian styling. Perfect with my boyfriend jeans or a skirt and tights. They are remarkably durable as well. I've worn them in the snow and rain and they never fail. Actually, they are so durable that I gave up hoping they'd wear out so I could buy another pair in a new color... I just went ahead and did it. I'm on pair number 3.
I bought them as slippers after I was diagnosed with plantars fasciitis. My feet are always cold and I was concerned about wearing clogs as slippers but they're warm enough ... especially with socks! I can't believe how comfortable they are, too! The arch support is amazing. These are far more comfortable than the other shoes I purchased with orthotics for the same purpose. I love them!
We don't wear shoes in our house. These slippers have been great for me to wear around the house and never go outdoors. I wear orthotics in most shoes, but these have enough support that I don't need the orthotics if I'm not on my feet for hours at a time. They are very comfortable in general and seem to keep my feet at just the right temperature. Highly recommended!
I purchased the shoes for my sister as A Christmas present. Unfortunately I failed to ensure they would arrive in time. A few days before Christmas I emailed someone at ShoeBuy.com to inquire about when they would arrive. I received my personal response within five minutes. They told me they would not arrive by Christmas, but were able to tell me exactly when they would arrive. The prompt personal response I received was superb. I was able to print a picture of the shoes and wrap it with A note telling her when they would arrive. You saved Christmas!


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