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Otto from Seoul

Yes, do not expect to have these for years as the wool will wear out. But during the time you are wearing them, you will be in heaven. They are warm and so comfortable. I wear them as shoes outside, with or without socks. I visited China and wore them on the wrong tour date and wound up hiking the great wall with them. Took my time coming down those steps but my feet were comfy but my thighs were shot. My girlfriend calls them slippers but I don't care.

Dib from Texas

I bought a pair of these over 15 years ago. They still look great, although a moth did have a tiny snack one year, and the rubber sole is just now to the cork. They are a bit "earthy", and I use them as house slippers, or for runs to the mailbox...but, they are the only slippers that keep my feet warm when I need it, and cool when I don't. Just the thing for cold floors in winter! The only downside is that they are so darn durable, that I am getting another pair (different style) because I want them and not because I need them.

KT from Olympia, WA

My feet are always cold in the winter, since we keep the house cool. I need good arch support, or my feet begin to ache. Slippers are warm, but flat - sport shoes have good support, but aren't warm. These Haflingers are great for both!! When I first tried them on, I could feel the arch support and wondered if I would have to get used to it. But I wore them most of the day with no problem. They are my shoe of choice for around the house!

Earlybird Rider from Rye Brook, NY

I wear a men's size 12.5 and ordered the size 45 as per Onlineshoes recommendation. At first the Grizzlies felt slightly small, but within a week they "packed out" and now fit perfectly. They are much more solid than traditional slippers and great for working in the kitchen on the cold, hard tile floor. The colored trim adds a Bavarian flavor, but in my opinion, takes away from potentially wearing them outside. Nevertheless, I bought them as slippers for indoor use and they are the best I have owned.

Kathy from Olathe

I've looked long and hard for a pair of shoes with a good arch support and I've finally found it in the Haflinger. They were comfortable right out the box, support my fallen arches and they are really cute with jeans. I loved them so much I ordered the Haflinger Charlotte for a little more dressy look and I love them too!

Tammy from Wisconsin

This clog is very comfortable. I purchased them to wear strictly indoors as a slipper. There has been a couple of times I've left the house wearing them not realizing I still had them on. I've owned them for a year and consider myself to take good care of my shoes and I am not rough on them. My big disappointment is that the wool started showing wear around the toe of one clog and now I can see right through since it is almost a hole. Another spot on the same clog is starting and the other clog the same thing is happening. I was thinking about purchasing another pair for outdoor use, but because of this wear I decided not to. The clogs are not cheap and I think the material should have lasted longer than it has especially since they are worn indoors and not out in the rain and snow conditions. It is too bad that they don't hold up since it is a very comfortable clog.

Ebear from Boston, Massachusetts

I love my Haflingers so much (I have had them for over a year) I decided to buy my mother a pair to wear as slippers when she comes to my house. She liked them so much, she asked to keep them at her house to wear every day! We both found that they run big (I wear a 6.5 usually and ordered a 36, and my mom wears an 8.5 and fits the 38). They are warm without being too warm, and the foot bed is so comfortable they are hard to take off. Big success for both of us.
Wears this shoe: At home mainly, but I occasionally forget to take them off and wear them out.


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