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Haflinger Beer & Pretzel Slipper are fun slippers which will give you young and fresh looks along with tons of comfort. These slipper shave be made to maintain healthy and warm wearing during the winter. The upper has been designed to trap the warmth inside the slippers to keep the interior environment warm and toasty. The upper is made from the boiled wool which is soft and durable. The upper traps the warmth inside the shoes and keeps your feet cozy and toasty inside. The upper has the pretzel and beer designs on the vamp which gives these slippers young looks and it will put a huge smile on your face whenever you'll look at them. The footbed is cushioned and it is wrapped with the wool. The footbed also maintains warm wearing and also massage you feet as you walk to give you ultimate comfort with each step. The arch support is made from the latex to give you magnificent support. The outsole is made from the double felt. The outsole is flexible, durable and lightweight. It provides traction and grip for skid free ride on various terrains. It weighs 8 ounces as per size 11. You can find this style in these colors: Grey.



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These are great slippers/clogs, comfortable and warm for around the house, but not out of place at the grocery store. My last pair held up for over ten years. I am so glad they have not changed anything but the rubber sole which is a bit more rugged than the old ones possibly adding even more years to their life!
These are the most amazing slippers. I have given all my family members these slippers for Christmas. My parents--who are in their 70's, my sister and brother-in-law--in their 40's, my husband and even our nephew-who is 14! These shoes are great when you get home and want to feel comfortable! They prevent leg and feet fatigue while you do chores. They last and last! They are great!
I am a practicing podiatrist and this is the #1 shoe I recommend for everyone to wear especially in the house on hard floors. I have two pairs that never leave the house so they never track in dirt. Think of it as a fully supportive, shock absorbing, comfortable, warm, kick on and off with ease house shoe and throw away all your slippers
I had ordered a pair for my daughter and after trying them on, I decided to get a pair for myself. I have had planters faciatis and the arch support is very good in this slipper. I wear them at home all the time. Not sure I would want the wool to get wet, so I keep them as an indoor slipper. I'd recommend them very highly.
I felt compelled to write a review, since I rely so heavily on them, especially in researching shoes for my plantar fascititis. These are my go-to shoes alot... comfy, easy to put one and excellent arch support. I will say they are "hard" there isn't a lot of softness/cushiness in the interior, but those that have plantar's, realizes the stiffness and arch support is exactly what they need to heel. This has to be the most arched shoe I have.
I wear grizzly clogs year around. First thing I put on in the morning and last thing I take off at night. I try to remember to take them off when I'm outside as I don't want them to get dirty or wet - we live in the Colorado Mountains. I LOVE them. I keep 3 pairs going at all times. The soles have good grip for icy sidewalks, they fit the foot right out of the box and as you wear them, the wool forms to your foot for a personalized fit.
I love these clogs! I wore my first pair for 6 years before they wore out, and I was not easy on them. With semi-fallen arches and troubled toes, I really appreciate the excellent arch support and roomy toe box. I wear them all the time in cool weather (it's too hot in SC to wear them in summer) and am going to buy another pair in a "conservative" color to wear to work.


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