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Keep your feet warm and toasty no matter where you go with the Haflinger GZ Classic Grizzly. These clogs have the cushiony and supportive interior which deliver excellent comfort. They have been made from the durable and high quality materials which ensure that your feet stay cozy in the freezing weather. They can be used indoor as well as outdoor to get stylish and cozy looks. The upper is made from the wool which prevents the cold weather to get in these clogs to keep the interior warm. The upper has the stylish stitch details which enhances the stylish looks of these clogs. The slip on designed of these clogs assists in easy and quick on and off wearing. The footbed is cushioned fully and it is wrapped with the wool. The footbed massages your feet as you walk to deliver tons of comfort. The footbed also ensures that you feet stay toasty and cozy. The midsole is made from the latex and cork which molds as per the shape of your feet. The midsole also provides shocks absorption and deliver you magnificent comfort. The outsole is made from the rubber which delivers traction, support and stability. The outsole is lightweight, durable and flexible. It weighs 12 ounces as per size 11. You can find this style in these colors: Navy, Grey, Earth and Black.




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Marc from CT

I work from home and hate wearing shoes, but my feet get too cold in winter to wear sandals (We keep the heat at 64 degrees). I was attracted to these because they seemed like a hybrid of a Birkenstock and a wool slipper. They are. Having worn them every other day for the past month, I am very happy. They are well made. No animals appear to have been harmed in their construction. They are comfortable, easy to slip in or out of, and are warm enough almost all the time without socks. They give much better support than slippers when standing on a tile floor in the kitchen. Sometimes they feel a bit clammy after being worn continuously for 4 hours or so, but they dry out in 1-2 hours - much better than my slippers. I was concerned that they might get easily soiled. So far, this hasn't been an issue. I was also concerned when first trying them on that the instep was too high and loose, but this too has not proved to be problematic. They have not stretched and they are not sloppy when walking.

John D from Boston, Ma

After 40 years in heavy construction my feet have broken down to the point of constant and chronic pain. To counteract this I always must have footwear that provides good support, including my slippers. That is right, I wear Haflinger Grizzlies for my in house slippers. After wearing out two pairs of wool/cork clogs from this brand I decided to try the leather topped Grizzlies. They are everything I hoped for as far as footbed comfort and support go and I can even wear them out of the house for short errands without looking like a lunatic. If you have been searching for a slipper or a lounge shoe with decent arch support try any of their slip on clogs from Shoebuy the best online purveyor of footwear!

Mary Beth from Maplewood, MN

I got a pair of these to use as slippers, and they wore out about 2 months ago. I thought I would be fine with a different pair of clogs I had, but while they had arch support, there is something about the wool that makes it a cozier fit around the foot, and warmer. My only complaint is that sizes are not very incremental, and the next size down is too small, so they are always a little loose. I was going to get them anyway, since I really missed them, and then I saw the Snuggly Toe inserts, and put two and two together, and they are a perfect combination! Especially cozy in the midst of a Minnesota winter!

TZK from Northern VA

I ordered my first pair of the Halfinger Grizzlies a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped wearing them. And I ordered a second pair after only a week or so. They fit wonderfully and my feet love them -- even with plantar fasciitis. They have excellent arch support and are very shock absorbing. I wear them without socks and my feet don't seem to get hot at all. One note about the sizing: these are German European sizes, which I find are different from Italian or other European sizes. I wear a US size 6.5-7 and my instep is high. My forefoot is a little wide, but I usually find "medium" width to be comfortable. I ordered a 38 in these first, but they were too big -- too loose and too long. A 37 fits like a glove, even though the drop down list says that "37" is a US size 6.

Jean from Mill Valley, California

I usually like to wear my non-dressy shoes with hand knit socks so I buy them a half size larger. I have to wear the pair I bought with cotton socks but I just couldn't wait to wear them when they arrived so I put them on right away instead of sending them back for 1/2 size larger. I LOVE this brand and my local store does not carry them anymore. I was so glad to find them on line when my last pair wore out. The foot bed assumes the shape of your foot so they are super comfortable and the shape of the shoe is such that it doesn't leave your foot when you take a step (like most clogs).

Avid Reader and Birdwatcher from Eastern Pennsylvania

I have worn these everyday since I received them a month or so ago. I purchased my regular size and found them quite snug but after several days they stretched out enough to become one of my most comfortable shoes (I also love Kalso Earth shoes). I got them to wear as winter slippers (to alleviate plantar faschia pain) but somehow they seem to sneak out of the house with me to do grocery shopping and other errands. I wear no socks with them around the house but usually a thin sock when I go out. Only con is the black marks they leave on my kitchen floor, however, that slight irritation is a worthwhile trade for pain-free and toasty warm feet!

Mid-aged Mom from Skokie, IL

I wore out my old pair of these shoes: through the sole and holes in the toes. And that was from only wearing them in the house! But not to give the impression that they are not sturdy---its just that I wear them for every minute that I'm on my feet inside my home. I love the support they give my feet and they are comfortable year round. I bought my first pair after going through two pairs of a similar clog by the Stegman brand which tended to fail with the felt shoe debonding from the cork sole. But that hasn't happened to the this which seem to use better glue. I had noticed a friend wearing these shoes (and she really needed the support before getting her hip replacements), and she said she loved the shoes. These clogs are expensive but well made and worth the cost.


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